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The Secret to Moving Better and Better and Better
Product ID 012-GP
The Secret to Moving Better and Better and Better Your Discount:
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When you move well you feel better!

But how do you do it…how do you learn it…how do you maintain it? What if you did things more easily, more pleasurably, more effortlessly…without your usual aches and pains!

There are so many ways that we are told how to move correctly. But too often these ideas are just imposed on us and we rarely find comfortable ways of utilizing them.

What if you learned one simple idea that could help move better and better and better… in all of the things you do!

That is exactly what we will explore and develop in this workshop!

Utilizing Feldenkrais® - Awareness Through Movement® Lessons you will learn how you can make everything you do…reaching, bending, sitting to standing and more…easier, more efficient and more comfortable.

Price: $60.00
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