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Sitting Better How to Use a Chair and more
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Sitting Better How to Use a Chair and more Your Discount:
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We sit...a lot!

An article in Livescience cites studies that say sitting is killing us!

But we are all living longer...which means we are sitting even more...so what can we do?

Maybe we all sit too much, so as long as we are doing that...why not sit better!

We live in a world of chairs but how well do we get in and out of them, sit or stay comfortable on them...and in any kind of chair? And what about the floor? When was the last time you were comfortable there?

Sitting is more than just sitting! Sitting is not just a resting place, it's also a transition point. From standing to sitting, from sitting to lying and all the way back up again.

Come and understand how sitting is much more than your bottom resting on a surface. In this workshop you will discover what helps you use any chair...sit anywhere...in a dynamic way...using more of yourself. Get more comfortable sitting in chairs...sitting on the floor.

Get better at coming in and out of a chair, any chair, and get better at coming up and down from the floor. And all the things you do while sitting can get easier...reading, writing, eating and just hanging out!

Come to this workshop because sit is going to happen...so why not do it well!

Price: $60.00
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